The Trick to Raising Your Credit Score

Want to buy a car but told your credit score is too low.

Here are some tips you need to know to improve your credit score.

Strat by looking at how much revolving credit you have open.

Try to pay down the balance on those cards to about 30% or lower of the total amount available on each card.

One good tip is to remember that the smaller that percentage is, the better your credit rating should be.

Try to eliminate lots of cards that have small charges on them.

This is because your score is based on the number of cards you have balances on.

For example charging $20 on one card, $15 on another and $30 on yet another can hurt your credit score instead of just using one card with a good interest rate for all three purchases.

This is because one of the items your score is based on is how many cards you have balances on.

So try using just one or two cards for all your purchases.

A good way to improve your credit is to leave old debt and good accounts that you have made payments on and paid off on your credit report.

Don’t call the credit reporting agencies to try and remove them.

The longer your history of good debt is the better for you. This shows you have a solid repayment record.

Another tip is if you're shopping for a home, car or student loan don’t try to make shopping a career move.

Try to make your decision as quickly as possible and with as few credit inquires as possible.

This is because every time you apply for credit, it can cause a small dip in your credit score that lasts a year.

If you're planning a major purchase like a home or a car and are trying to gather enough money for a down payment, you don’t want to start paying your bills late.

This could damage your credit score and ruin your dreams.

One of the best things to have to get a good credit score is month after month of on-time payments.Another way of getting your credit rating up is to buy a big purchase and make those payments on time like purchasing a car.

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