Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Financing

What do you do if you need transportation to get to and from your job but have a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

After all if you can’t get to work how are you to pay your utility bills and buy food?

But now there is a little know secret you may have never heard about.

Yes now you can finance a great vehicle even after filling bankruptcy!

Not only that, you will be able rebuild your credit using this secret strategy after filing your bankruptcy.

With a chapter 7 bankruptcy you may be able to surrender your current vehicle and replace it with a newer and more dependable one.

Plus, while paying on a new vehicle loan, you have one of the best ways possible to start rebuilding your credit.

This is because by you using this mostly unknown strategy, your payments are reported to the credit bureaus.

But not every dealer has access to this program.

You need to find a dealer that specializes in bad credit and bankruptcies.

Auto Mart USA is one that has pre-approved auto loan programs for this exact situation.

Auto Mart USA is not your traditional dealer. Here you can save thousands in additional fees, add-ons and other hidden costs associated with most franchise dealers.

Family owned and operated business in Colorado for over 25 years, Auto Mart USA at 835 S Havana St, Aurora, 80015 is the trusted dealer to help you reestablish or establish your credit.

To get more details call 303-438-4000.

*W.A.C., Taxes & Dealer Fees Due At Signing