What is a CARFAX?

It is a vehicle’s history since it left the factory that is summarized up in a report.

This history is made up from more than 34,000 sources from the United States and Canadian motor vehicle agencies, multiple police and fire departments, body shops, auto auctions and many others.

This database is the most complete vehicle database in North America.

It contains more than 9 billion records!

So what type of information can you get from a Carfax report?

You can learn bad things about a vehicle like the accuracy of an odometer reading and if it has a branded title such as a salvage/junk title or you can learn things that may be good such as if it has ever been registered as a fleet vehicle which means it probably has had regular maintenance while in service.

You probably know why knowing the accuracy of the odometer is so important but may not know why knowing if it ever had a salvage title is.

A salvage title can indicate that a vehicle has been damaged in a flood, a fire, an accident or some other event that may make that vehicle not road worthy.

These salvage titles are usually issued when a vehicle damage exceeds 75% of its value. Although this figure may differ from state to state.

Some states require by law that the seller disclose if the vehicle has a salvage title such as Colorado.

Now you can probably see why a Carfax is an important document to check out when purchasing a vehicle.

So when you are shopping for a vehicle on a lot that makes it difficult to check out a Carfax, be warry.

On the other hand if a dealer is willing and actually has the Carfax on hand for you to inspect, you can bet that they stock cars that are stellar.

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